About Me

Heya, I am Gaetana Tonti, and I am very happy to meet you! I am a 39 year old human Being living my life journey as a META-Health Coach, a mum, a woman and much more!! I moved to Northwich a few months ago, following life and embracing the changes it brings.


tanny-0092-EditI was born in Johannesburg, moved to Italy for about 30 year, and then to the UK, to follow what I thought at that time was my life purpose (I was working as a Post Doc in Cellular Biology and my partner-to-be found a job for me in Reading). At that time I believed that being a researcher would have been the profession of my life. But I quickly realized that I was not happy, even though I moved house, changed working environment and had lovely partner, my inner turmoil was still very present, actually it was getting so triggered to the point that I NEEDED to understand why I was unhappy, moody, why I was blaming others for my problems, why I had such stuck emotions and feelings I was afraid of letting go?! At that point a phrase of one of my best friends came up to my awareness “don’t look for your answers in other people, but look for them and for happiness within yourself”. And that was the key: Inner Search. So my curiosity shifted from the outer world to the inner world; I knew just a bit what META-Medicine was, I googled it and found a course the following week end; I booked and went, and that did change my life!

I am now a META-Health Coach and my business is called From Sky and Back. Why this name? This name is inspired by each of us, by every person who is on this earth. I believe that we all are Infinite beings with an immense potential within us. I feel that each person is an energy being, comes from the Sky, lives its human experience and goes back to the Sky, to the Universe, as we all belong to it and actually we all create it with our unique expression on the earth. We are all born experiencing the pure joy of just being alive, and living the moment. With time we lose this bliss, or better, we believe we can’t experience it anymore. What I do with my work is helping people find their own way to a healthy and fulfilling life.  What does this mean? For me it means understanding who we are, getting in touch with our true self and having the possibility of living a meaningful life. This process may  be a never-ending and beautiful (even though not always easy) journey.
We all have an immense potential and the capability of finding our soul-ution and live a more aware, happy, healthy and “real” life. When I say “real” I mean a life that fulfills our purpose, a life that flows with who we are and helps us meet our higher intention in life. Sometimes we grow up in such environments that “suffocate” our soul, with massive conditionings, situations of isolation, fear…and we embody these emotions/feelings so deeply that we believe they are ours, they are “who we are”.
I work one-to-one with people, preferably in person, but I also found that Skype is a good tool. I love working with children, because they are simply lovely! In addition, they are very sensitive and are very susceptible to external environment. I work with English and Italian speaking people, although I would like to add that with the tools I use there are ways to work in a surrogate way with people/children who are not able to express themselves.


Thanks for having taken the time to read me, and hope to meet you!!



META-Health Coach certified by IMMA (International Meta-Medicine Association and META-Health Academy)




Emotional Freedom Technique advanced certified accredited Practitioner by AAMET


Master META-Kinetics Practitioner

Reiki level 2 Practitioner

Shamanic Practitioner