META-Health Introductory Talk

This evening talk is for whoever is interested in understanding the causal relationship between emotions and dis-ease. In this talk I will introduce some of the basic principles of META-Medicine, which is a powerful approach that leads us to a deep understanding of why we have a specific symptom or dis-ease. We will explore how our organism is a perfect and synchronous Union of body-mind-emotion embedded in the social environment. For more infos please click


META-Health Introductory Weekend

Discover the most advanced mind-body analysis, healing and personal development system available in the world today …

The META-Health Introductory Weekend is a transformational training programme. It is open to people with an interest in advanced information and tools for health and accelerated personal development. For more infos please click


A Holistic, Integrative and Loving approach to children

We will explore ways to understand how physical issues are created and how patterns of thoughts, limiting beliefs and behaviours are set. A variety of holistic approaches will be introduced to support children and parents. For more infos please click