Heart felt ideas

Heart Angel Cards: a deck of 64 cards, held in a hand made bag.

Sometimes just a word is enough to help you connect to your heart. These Heart Angel Cards are here to support you, guide you, remind you. You can pick one a day, or whenever you need to; they are meant for every Human Being (also for children). Contact me if you wish to buy them (£6 + postage).


Heart Tapping Bear

These bears are mainly meant to use for tapping as they have Magic Button hearts on the Eft tapping points. Each bear is different and has story/life and energy of its one (they have been bought in second-hand shops and then given Reiki); they are now ready to support children and adults. Each bear has his hand made bag and the Eft tapping book (for info on the Eft tapping book click here). Please contact me if you wish to have a Heart Tapping Bear fo you or for a friend (£16 + postage)!