Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a body-mind healing technique based on EFT. Its creation happened almost by chance. A few years ago, one of the main EFT experts in the world, Karl Dawson, was doing some EFT tapping on a girl, with very few and slow results. In that specific moment, they were tapping on a scene where the client saw herself a little girl; at a certain point she said: “in that image I can see that little girl so well, that I could do some EFT directly on her”. In that moment, Karl had an intuition and encouraged the client to tap mentally on the little girl of the memory, while in the reality he was tapping the EFT points of the client. She got a prompt and amazing resolution of her problematic issue.

The main difference between classical EFT and Matrix Reimprinting is that while with EFT we clean the negative energy associated with the issue, with Matrix Reimprinting we go one step further. We create, or better, we see, the situation from a different point of view, which is no more traumatic and negative, but allows us to get more empowering and positive learnings from the event, providing us with more useful resources. These resources will help us not only in the traumatic experience, but will remain with us throughout our life.

For example, when we identify a Limiting Belief with EFT, we go back to the events that created it and take off the intensity of those situations. In this way, that Belief does not bother us anymore. With matrix Reimprinting we can take the charge off those events (like EFT) and we can in a way solve that memory allowing the possibility, which then becomes reality of a different, more positive one. We hold the space for the creation of different, empowering perspectives and un-foldings of that event; these new points of view will then be imprinted and will become our reality. So not only the initial Limiting Belief will have no emotional charge, but it will be substituted with a positive, powerful experience, thought and thus reality.


Matrix Reimprinting is an energy psychology technique based on the idea that we are all connected and immersed in a field of information and energy, defined The Matrix.

The Matrix

Its presence has always been recognized in ancient populations as a Force that all connects and is manifest in every being on earth. Only recently, has science started to define it. In 1944 Max Planck introduced the term Matrix and quantum physic as the laws that govern the Universe, where space and time have totally new properties leading to indications that information is shared at a higher speed that that of light!

The Matrix, called also The Divine Matrix o Morphic Field is all around us, but not only, it is within us, because we all belong to it, and are permeated by it. We can imagine The Matrix as the container that holds the Universe, the bridge between all things.


The Matrix is also the container that hold time within it, providing a continuity among our past events, the choices of our present and the experiences of our future. In the Matrix exists a link between past, present and future, where (or better when) these times are intimately penetrated one with the other.

We can think of the Matrix as a blanket extending on the whole Universe; each little crease represents a bit of existence, o past or present event. We can see how every crease influences the blanket in a very distant area. The past is linked to the present influencing it, as well as our action and thoughts, creating little creases, interact with other situations apparently very distant in time and space, but yet connected.


What we start to see, is that we are not just deeply connected one to each other and with what lies around us, but intimately linked to all that was, is, and will be.

Another fundamental concept that can help us understand the importance of this tool is that we are the creators of our realities, and we attract to us people and situations on the bases of what we belief in our unconscious mind. The messages that our body-mind sends out, and the reality that we attract, come from these hidden and core limiting beliefs. The information that we emit in the Matrix, as thoughts, behaviors, energy, come back to us in the form of life experiences. This means that most of what is happening in our present life, is linked to what we experienced in our past. How does it work? If in the Matrix, or to make it simple, in our past, we lived experiences that created positive empowering belief systems, we are now creating and attracting positive thoughts and situations. But if we experienced traumatic events which led to the formation of Limiting Beliefs, we will attract similar events, people and situations.

Matrix Reimprinting

On this bases, what we do with Matrix Reimprinting, is go back in the Matrix, and see in a new different way, from another point of view, what has happened; as a consequence, our belief system will change, our inner reality and our point of attraction.

How do past events influence our present state? These traumas and memories are held in the Matrix, influencing our thought patterns and behaviors. When something stressful happens, a part of us dissociates in order to protect us from the danger (this is one of the reasons why in some cases people don’t remember a very traumatic event) and this part of us that has dissociated lives in the Matrix creating what we call ECHO (Energetic Consciousness Hologram). These ECHOs have a life of their own and continue their existence beneath our level of consciousness, keeping the associated trauma and thought patterns alive, and in a way, separate from us (protection mechanism). When these ECHOs are created, they are kept in the Matrix and hold all the information of the significant event, living in our subconscious mind and influencing our life. These ECHOs are bits of us “frozen” in time: they have the personality on the bases of how we were at that moment. When we tune into that field of information, we fine tune with that personality, energy and feelings.

With Matrix Reimprinting it is possible to work directly with these ECHOs, resolving energetic tension associated. This procedure changes the energy of the past event and the information linked and generate by it; on the bases of quantum physics, our present energetic, mental, emotional state will also change, influencing our life.

It is time to dip into The Matrix….