META-Health Introductory Weekend

Discover the most advanced mind-body analysis, healing and personal development system available in the world today …

The META-Health Introductory Weekend is a transformational training programme. It is open to people with an interest in advanced information and tools for health and accelerated personal development.

What will you learn

  • Overcome fear of illness, see symptoms as meaningful and part of an intelligent process
  • Learn the philosophy, science and methodology that form the basis of META-Health
  • Learn how to apply META-Health framework, principles and methods in life &/or practice
  • Gain mentored practice in using META-Health Analysis with other practitioners
  • Transcend existing approaches to analysis, therapy, healing and personal development
  • Frame and integrate your existing approaches toward a coherent mind-body approach
  • Decode the hidden cause, meanings and process of any symptom pattern on biological, psychological, behaviourial and spiritual levels
  • Discover the evolutionary, bio-logical emotional and psychological meanings behind many illnesses
  • Gain a clear and precise understanding of how mind-body-environment synchronicity works with precise models
  • Discover why and how specific emotional shocks (traumas) and stressors are connected with specific illnesses
  • Learn how to trust the natural intelligence of your body
  • Enjoy learning about the biggest breakthrough in health, wellbeing personal and spiritual development discovered so far!
  • Uncover the root causes of your own health challenges

Additional Benefits of training with us

  • Gain advanced integrative analysis of thoughts, feelings and behaviours and the relationships with any symptoms you experience
  • Uncover the key barriers to your personal development and discover what you can do about them
  • Learn in relaxed and compassionate environment where you are enabled to feel at ease
  • See demonstrations of META-Health Analysis & Therapy
  • FREE High quality reference manual including the organ-mind-brain directory and organ brain maps
  • FREE step by step process chart how to do a basic META-Health Analysis


Official META-Health Introductory Weekend Booking Information

You can contact me via email at: or on my mobile at 00447586529505 (UK) – 00393386225084 (IT)

Next Course Dates: 25th and 26th February 2017, Centro Bellessere, via Macedonia 70 ( zona Appio –Latino ) Roma, Italy. flyer 2pg

On this META-Health transformational weekend, you will:

  • Develop a transformative awareness, practical understanding and ability to work with mind-body-social relationships in health, personal development and illness
  • Integrate and transcend modern (western) and ancient (eastern) philosophies and sciences of medicine, health and healing
  • Gain unique and powerful insights into the precise relationships between your own health issues, emotions, stresses and life situations
  • Learn how to uncover the emotional root cause behind a health issue, quickly and accurately
  • Discover the meanings of many common health problems, including eczema, acne, back pain, IBS, breast cancer, cystitis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, sore throats, tinnitus, joint pain and many more common issues
  • Find out why risk factors don’t cause ill health – this includes smoking, obesity, genetics, toxins and even germs such as viruses and bacteria.
  • Find out what does cause ill health, and the intelligent role that that pathogens play in any dis-ease
  • Understand the specific connection between stress and illness – find out why stress affects us all differently and what you can do about it
  • Learn how to tune into your natural energy flow and the use the Two Phases (see fig 1 below) to improve your health and balance
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to start to use this amazing information with family, friends and colleagues and improve your results with clients




The META-Health course run provided an interesting insight into what emotions relate to which conditions.  The META-health philosophy fits neatly into my own work, which is about helping people recover from emotionally-induced chronic conditions, so this 2 day course provided me with additional insights into the interpretation of why individuals present with specific symptoms.
I enjoyed using our own real life examples for practice purposes. For me it really brought to life how powerful a tool meta health can be to discover our inner emotions, fears & to draw out what stops people living life – most of which people have buried or have consciously blocked.
We attended the course Meta-Medicina held by Gaetana Tonti in San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy on the 5th of October 2014. We found the course very helpful and interesting, it was a small group of people attending, which made the 7 hours course intimate and profound. The course gave a good insight on how Meta-Health interacts with you and others, which we found especial helpful in understanding Meta-Healths openness and holistic approach  on People with different problems and backgrounds, the course provided much useful info and material to work with at home. Gaetana has a professional and personal way of sharing/teaching Meta-Health and with a contagious  calm about her, we will surely be participating more of her courses and can only highly recommend her Meta-Health courses.  Enrica Lipparoni, Rolf Jacobsen 14/10/2014