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It is life changing and transformational and I’m so glad that I found it when I did. I also truely believe that Tanny is the best meta health coach out there, a true expert in her field!It is really quite hard to put into words just how much Tanny has helped me! She has been an absolute life line and saviour helping me with the anxiety and sleep issues I had suffered from for a very long time. Before I had started seeing Tanny for meta sessions, I had had numerous sessions of counselling, hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, reiki, etc but none of them truely got to the root of the cause like meta did. Meta Health therapy is the most amazing therapy I have ever come across. It has helped me immensely so much so that I am now free of my health issues and am going to be training as a meta health therapist with Tanny later in the year. I have made the decision to do this as I would love to help people with this amazing therapy just like it has helped me and transformed my life. Not only did meta help me with the issues that I came to Tanny with, it has also helped me in so many other ways and I feel like a new person! Meta (and Tanny of course!) have truely changed my life for the better and I feel amazing. If I was ever going to recommend anything to anyone it would be meta health!  THANK YOU SO MUCH TANNY! xxx

I have found such huge improvements in my life which far exceeded anything I could have imagined when I first made and enquiry into meta medicine. I feel tremendous gratitude that I made contact with Tanny. Sessions with her and the workshop to learn more about meta medicine have had the most positive life changing effects on myself and family. I’ve been able to move through health issues which challenged me for years. The competence that Tanny has is incredible and inspirational. It is very easy to trust her, the warmth and genuine compassion she brings is wonderful.

I am amazed at how quickly things began to improved. I am so glad I found Gaetana, she is such a wonderful caring decent and skilled practitioner. She has shown such care and integrity when supporting a member of my family, bringing him out of a very dark place into a life full of potential. Gaetana’s work with my relative has created great shifts in his perception.

My name is Stefano and I am 50 years old; you might think that at this age I have gained enough experiences to have answers for all questions; well that is wrong? Many doubts and knots need to be released, and thank immensely myself for the curiosity and will to improve myself, which allowed my journey to cross with Tann,2, who I consider “as a sister”. Thank you Tanny for your teachings about EFT; Matrix Reimprinting and for the sense of harmony and trust that you have; thanks to you, I discovered a new way of looking at things, and to find answers.


My name is Barbara and I met Tanny in Italy when she was holding a talk at a Yoga center; I got curious about her approach and I decided to book a session to work with  cholitis issue, which was very strong and that I hadn’tbeenableto resolve. I had noidea on what EFT and META-Health was, and I just thought that my symptom was linked to “holding on to past stuff”.With Tanny I discovered that everything was going back to my childhood andI precisely linked it to having felt wounded with abandonment;anissue on which I worked on, but hadn’t resolved. With that session I went to a depth to which I had never gone and I healed that wound; whenI left her roon I felt as I took away and old dress, and finally I transformed that wound. Within 2 weeks I also lost 6 kilos! Sometimes, the sense of abandonment comes up a bit, but just like a faded photo, and its power has vanished completely.


“The teacher arrives when the student is ready”, this is what an oriental saying says..

Tanny arrived in my life like a blessing. I had been interested in META-medicine for the last couple of years, I was reading articles, testimonials and books, I would have like to deepen my knowledge, but the courses were too far from home and too expensive… and maybe I was not ready yet—who knows. So that morning it did not seem true to me… I walk in a little road in my town and I see a flyer. In a few days there would be a META-Medicine course; good timing, accessible location, very good price. I subscribed. And my life changed. I met a wonderful woman who open up a new world to me, helped me widen my horizons and most of all helped me to resolve a physical issues that I had had for the past 20 years. What I learnt from her, from her courses, from our precious friendship, showed me how the complexity, and at the same tme, simplicity, of our mind, can condition us, and hos, knowing these mechanisms, we can see diseases, illnesses, with different eyes and also how we can help ourselves. I am an holistic therapist and I use these informations with my clients, I show them the deep meaning of their issues and I help them be aware of the link between mind, emotion and body. The Universe gave me a big gift, and God bless Tanny for what she does, for what she gives, for what she saws….



The META-Health course run provided an interesting insight into what emotions relate to which conditions.  The META-health philosophy fits neatly into my own work, which is about helping people recover from emotionally-induced chronic conditions, so this 2 day course provided me with additional insights into the interpretation of why individuals present with specific symptoms.


I enjoyed using our own real life examples for practice purposes. For me it really brought to life how powerful a tool meta health can be to discover our inner emotions, fears & to draw out what stops people living life – most of which people have buried or have consciously blocked.


We attended the course Meta-Medicina held by Gaetana Tonti in San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy on the 5th of October 2014. We found the course very helpful and interesting, it was a small group of people attending, which made the 7 hours course intimate and profound. The course gave a good insight on how Meta-Health interacts with you and others, which we found especial helpful in understanding Meta-Healths openness and holistic approach  on People with different problems and backgrounds, the course provided much useful info and material to work with at home. Gaetana has a professional and personal way of sharing/teaching Meta-Health and with a contagious  calm about her, we will surely be participating more of her courses and can only highly recommend her Meta-Health courses. Enrica Lipparoni, Rolf Jacobsen 14/10/2014