Working with children

copia-di-fiore-oro-2-e1372516342186My Space is called From Sky and Back. This was inspired by the arrival of my child. When he/she was in my belly we called him/she Anima, which means Soul. So, I am a META-Health Coach and above all a mum, living the magic experience of sharing my life with a lovely little person. From Sky and Back is intended as our Souls choose to make an earthly experience and come down to heart. After living their life, the Soul with its new learnings goes back to the Sky, meant as the Universe, where all Souls reside. The arrival of my son has been the biggest gift in my life as well as the door to an unknown world… the world of children, with their bliss, energy, immense potential, and at the same time, great fragility. I would surely say that having a child is also a big challenge, as he (as all kids) is very good at pushing my buttons, and being an excellent mirror and a small big teacher. One of the things that most fascinates my about my child is his being able to live in the moment, enjoying the NOW and this curiosity and amazement for the smallest things…. I also see that even though he is small, he is a person, with a Soul that has experience and knowledge, and needs to be listened and understood. What I also see, is how much of my stuff, my energy he is picking up and reflecting. In this respect, children are very sensitive beings and are very susceptible to external environment. It is know that up to 7 years the brain is mainly in the delta frequencies, which are those of programmable state. In this period children can be strongly affected by traumatic events, limiting believes and external forms of conditioning. In addition, it can be very difficult for them to express what they think and feel.

emotional thought

In my practice I use several approach for working with children. I would first of all say that it is very important to work with the parent in relation to the issue of the child because very often the beliefs or thought patterns of the parents in relation to the child’s issue strongly interacts keeping the issue stuck. If for example a mum feels responsible for a debilitating illness of her child, that energy is contributing in keeping the issue alive. Once she lets go of it, her energy will change and it will be offloaded from the child’s system. Of course, then there needs to be the engagement with the child. If the child is big enough to speak, tools such as EFT and META-Kinetics alongside the META-Medicine approach can be very effectively used; in fact children are very sensitive to energy shift and usually are more in contact with their deepest self that adult people. About EFT there are lots of different ways one can work.


Picture Tapping

It is a fusion between healing-working-wih-children-aArt Therapy and Energy Psychology that brings impressive resolution of clients issues rapidly and painlessly.

The Picture Tapping Technique is a way of using EFT or other Energy Psychology techniques along with the power of metaphor and the imagination, to release problems in a painless and indirect way.  Because the Picture Tapping Technique uses metaphor and symbols it allows disclosure that are difficult to express either verbally or by using other modalities.


Magic Button Bears

healing-working-wih-children-1This is an amazing way to work with kids! It is a healing tool based on EFT widely used for children (but not only!!!), developed by Linda Wood in 2005 and is now used in schools and also within the family environment. In this method we use a Bear called Magic Buttons Bear who has little heart shaped buttons placed on the EFT tapping points. In this way the child does not tap on himself, but taps on his bear friend. These bears are a fun and easy way for children to let go of their issues/emotions/thoughts and can be used in many different ways:


  • Making the problems belong to Magic
  • Allowing Magic to BE the ‘Emotion’ or the “Problem”
  • Letting Magic ‘BE’ the person with whom you havean issue
  • Using Magic Buttons to send healing to others


By tapping on the EFT points on Magic Buttons Bear we can help our child to handle his/her problems and emotions (such as nightmares, fears, anxiety, etc) and also deepen our connection. It is amazing that the child really feels that Magic can be a very useful friend and they decide to go and get Magic whenever they need to release some stuff.


With children who don’t speak

This can be the case of children who are too small, or children who are not able due to health issues. In this case, alongside working with parents, EFT can be used surrogately. This means that I can apply EFT with a person who is not the child, helping that person to get in the energy field of the child. This is a sciamanic-type way of applying EFT and is very powerful. Of course it requires the cooperation of the person who acts as a surrogate.

META-Kinetics can also be applied in a surrogate modality; I have done lots of work on my son using both surrogate EFT and META-Kinetics. It has worked amazingly well for health issues (such as cradle cap), and one of the for me very important aspects is that it revealed the how my son was experiencing family situations, what was affecting him and in which way. I think that this was surely useful for him, that is gave me load of insights and understanding on how my behavior and energy state, decisions and thoughts can influence him.